Victoria Song is a Holistic Life Coach and Healing Facilitator.

From the age of 3 years old, Victoria knew she held the gift of healing in her hands. She remembered where she came from. She was aware of things before they would happen. She remembered the energy of love and could feel love’s energy as it passed through her body to others.

From the age of 8, Victoria knew that she had a special gift for healing animals. She was raised on a farm in Iowa where wild animals, as well as domesticated animals, were common household co-habitants. She understood the language of animals, their needs and their purpose in the scheme of life.

Victoria’s yearning for a profession in healing eventually led her into the alternative healing arena. She has studied, taught and worked with alternative therapies for more than 30 years. This work has provided her the clarity of an uncluttered mind enabling her to commune on the deepest level with humans, animals, nature and the world of Spirit. It is this depth, peace and love that she brings to each session.

Victoria’s father taught her respect for all of life. Her mother taught her religion. Her Higher Self has blended the two sets of teachings into a cohesive way of being that allows her to see God in all things. With this energy, the wholeness of life is revealed and healing happens in an instant. What was chaotic comes into order. Conflict and confusion become clarity.  What comes into balance is healed and whole.

Each session with Victoria is unique and customized to individual needs and desires in the present moment. Victoria’s skills offer perspective, focus and guidance, encouraging growth and forward movement. The hallmark of her therapeutic work is the expansion of the love energy in the heart.