The SCIO/EPFX (Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid) is a quantum healing device that continues to amaze the recipients of its powerful healing partnership.

During a 5 minute test the SCIO/EPFX transmits over 65 million tiny electromagnetic signals into a person’s body/energy field.  It then assesses the current state of the body, mind, spirit and emotions.  The  SCIO/EPFX receives signals back and calculates a mathematical model based on the voltage, amperage, and resistance of the body.  The SCIO/EPFX is without question the most advanced bio-resonant device available.

There are over 9,000 items in the SCIO/EPFX text matrix!  These encompass natural remedies, allergens, nutrients, healthy and diseased tissue, dysfunctions, named diseases, pathogens and emotions.

SCIO/EPFX treatments can be done in person or long distance.  Long distance requires hair or nail clippings from the testee to be placed on the SCIO/EPFX device.

The SCIO/EPFX can assist with these common health challenges and more….

Addiction   Allergies   Anti-aging   Anxiety   Arthritis   Autism   Backaches   Cholesterol   Chronic Pain   Circulation   Cold/Flu   Depression   Digestive Challenges   Emotional Concerns   Food Poisoning   Headaches   Hormones   Hypertension   Immune System   Intestinal Concerns   Karma   Learning Differences   Infections   Miasms   Nutritional Support   Sinuses/Sinusitis   Spiritual Issues   Tooth Pain   Trauma


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