To forgive or not to forgive….is that the question?

  • Posted on June 22, 2018 at 9:48 am

Lost and alone with nowhere to turn. Where do we begin?

The beginning of every journey requires the release of the past so that we can move forward.

Without forgiveness there is no point to life.  Living with unforgiveness is living with death, darkness and destruction.  It is holding on to the past.  There is no life in the past.  The past is over.  The past is dead and gone.  The past has no creative energy to it.  We cannot go back and change anything that has already happened.  It is finished.  It is complete.  Letting go is essential

To hold on to the past, a person or situation with unforgiveness binds us to death.  Unforgiveness is a thief that steals our energy and leaves us with dead weight; a heavy burden to carry.

On the other hand, forgiveness is light and life.  Forgiveness is love.  Forgiveness means to “give forward”.  It has a future.  It has power to create something new.  It is alive with energy and possibilities.  It breaks the hold of death and destruction and frees the body, mind, spirit and soul.

To live in unforgiveness is like driving a car while looking in the rear view mirror at where we have been.  To forgive is to look at the road ahead through the windshield and see the beauty of the path and all the possibilities ahead of us.  It is your choice.  Choose wisely.

Victoria Song

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