What If….

  • Posted on May 5, 2011 at 7:20 am


I just had a wonderful “what if…” thought this morning.  What if today was our last day on earth and we knew we could do nothing about it.  What would we do?

I certainly wouldn’t waste time on counting regrets or hurts from the past.  I wouldn’t have a future to worry about.  I wouldn’t waste my words on lamenting my traumas and dramas, pain and suffering. Time would be too precious for any of that. 

With minutes ticking by I would begin by letting people know that I loved them and to thank them for their contribution to my life.  I would fill the seconds with gratitude and take a few moments to reflect on all the great things about being in a body and being alive.  

Think about it.  We live with so many “what ifs” that are focused on fear, pain, suffering, struggle, hardships and worries.  What if we lived as if this was our last day?  What if we treated time so precious that we only took time for loving kindness, generosity and appreciation?  What if we lived each precious moment in a rampage of gratitude because time was passing too quickly to waste on anything else?

And then…one more what if…

What if this way of living was so contagious that it spread like a wild fire and a great wellness swept the world…..


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